Submission Guidelines

Before getting started, check the Contribute page for an idea of what we are looking for.

General Guidelines

Please send all submissions in an email to either in the body (text submissions only) or attached. Feel free to use the form below to start a conversation with us, but we cannot accept articles in this way.

Feel free to send us work that has been previously published elsewhere. However, please always be mindful and check the guidelines from previous submissions to see if you retain right to republish.

Likewise, feel free to publish what you give us elsewhere (and even give us a shout out if you feel like it). The work will remain your property. You also have the right to ask us to remove your article at any point. Please be aware, however, that removal from this site does not mean it was never published – check the guidelines of other websites (and journals, magazines, etc.) thoroughly if you are looking to get a piece republished.

Alphabet Soup is run by a small team, and thus response times could be lengthy. We aim to respond to all messages within a week. If you have not received a response after this, feel free to send your message again as it may have been snatched by some internet fairies.

We are unable to pay for submissions.

You must be the creator and copyright holder for any work submitted. If you are co-creator or not the sole holder of copyright, you must get permission from all other parties.

Most importantly, have fun! We are expecting an idea for your first message, not a finished piece.

Specific Guidelines



max. forty words
.doc, .docx, or in the body of an email
try defining your identity or tell us what it means to you



no longer than one hour, 320kbps
.mp3 only
music, interview, or anything else appropriate



min. 1000px by 1000px
.jpg, .png or .gif
digital or scanned art, or photography, or whatever takes your fancy



500 to 2,000 words
.doc, .docx, or in the body of an email
as formal or as informal as you would like it to be


Creative Writing

max. 2,000 words
.doc, .docx, or in the body of an email
poetry, prose, or something else entirely



max. 2GB
.mp4, .mov, .wmv, or hosted on YouTube
a short film, an interview, perhaps a music video

Send us an email, or complete the form below to get started! You don’t need to have anything ready and completed. Just let us know what type of article you want to submit, and tell us a little about it, and yourself.