Content Release Form

I hereby allow Alphabet Soup a perpetual, world-wide, royalty free, non-exclusive, irrevocable single use license to reproduce and publish my work (both written and images) on and share it via social media. My work (both written and images) will here-on be referred to as Content.

I hereby state:

1. I am the sole owner and copyright holder of the Content submitted and have the right to allow Alphabet Soup to publish my Content without infringing on the ownership or copyright of anyone else. This includes both written pieces and images. I retain all rights to my work and can grant licenses to reproduce my work to other magazines.

2. I understand that Alphabet Soup has no control over who reads/views its website/social media or the amount of readers of Alphabet Soup’s websites/social media.

3. I understand Alphabet Soup will actively publish my work online.

4. I will not submit any Content that is not rights-free (or content that I share the rights to) to Alphabet Soup without first clearing the use of the Content by Alphabet Soup in a signed document by other rights holders. This includes written work, images, fonts, etc.

5. I understand and agree that Alphabet Soup has no liability or involvement, legal or otherwise, with any Content that I have not cleared the rights for.

6. I understand that the employees, editors, volunteers and or legal representatives of Alphabet Soup will not be held liable for any legal issues arising out of false statements made by me about the Content or my inability or ignorance in clearing the rights with any other right holders of my submitted work.

7. I understand and agree that Alphabet Soup may need to edit my submission/s to fit the website’s style guide.

8. I understand that once printed or downloaded, my work is embedded perpetually in the end user’s copy of the publication, with no way for Alphabet Soup to retrieve or stop access to the Content, hence the perpetual release of rights is essential for Alphabet Soup to use my Content in its publications in any medium or format.

9. I understand that I retain all rights to my Content, and that I can republish at my will. I also understand that it is welcomed to thank Alphabet Soup in further submissions of the Content.