About Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup is a website dedicated to educating about lesser known sexualities and gender identities.

It was born in November 2016 in a little coffee shop in Bath, initially as a single event. Since then, our ambitions have grown. Today, you are witnessing months of work from the core team and countless other individuals.

The Team


Nathan Maradei

co-founder & content curator



queer (pansexual, grey-aromantic)

Nathan’s a final year Creative Writing student at Bath Spa, where they are the LGBTQ+ Liberation Representative within the Students’ Union and run the LGBTQ+ Society. They moved to the UK from Greece a few years ago and have clearly been consumed with a never-ending obsession with all things queer ever since. That, and cats.

Nathan posts as @dragonsmaybe on both Twitter and Instagram.


Lu Bailey

co-founder & project coordinator



panromantic asexual

Having studied Creative Writing with Publishing at university, Lu now juggles freelance writing and web design with being a full-time Starbucks barista. They struggle to sleep without listening to Radio 4, or wake up without reading the Guardian. They also own thirty-three different varieties of tea, and twenty mugs.

You can see Lu’s photos of coffee and dragons on their Instagram and follow their Twitter.


Tommy Ryan

head of design


cisgender man


Amateur film buff, avid gamer and up and coming professional pixel pusher, when he’s not in-front of a screen for a myriad of reasons, Tommy will spend my time walking along the south coast of England or getting his feet muddy in the New Forest, always forgetting to wear proper shoes.

Tommy does not use any social media at the present moment.


Dan Lewis-Jones

head of liaison


cisgender man


Dan is just starting his MA in Creative Producing, after graduating with a BA in Acting. When he arrived at Bath Spa in 2014 he came out as a gay man and has since had a passion for fighting for equality through art. Since joining Alphabet Soup, he has met a number of different people and is enjoying working with them to one day achieve world domination.

See what else Dan is up to by checking out his Twitter.

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